There’s much debate on when is the best time to sell your home. Sam Funnell from Fine & Country Rugby discusses the benefits of selling in different seasons.

Is there really a “best” time of year to sell a property? Traditionally, spring has been considered as an optimum time for selling. It’s an upbeat time of year, with gardens looking their best and mild weather that encourages activity. There is plenty of good light that helps properties look their best.

The flip side is that it’s also when you can expect to be up against the greatest number of competing sellers. It is also important to consider whether spring will really show your home at its best.

The style of property may well determine the best season. If you’re selling a beach house or waterfront property, summer is probably the time it looks its best. Many of the benefits of selling a house in spring apply to summer as well. Mild weather tends to encourage active buyers and again, gardens and outdoor living areas can be shown at their best.

If, however, your target buyers are families, summer may not be the optimum season to sell. With school holidays, entertaining children becomes a focus that impacts on the amount of time left for house hunting. It is also a peak travel time, when people are away on holidays.

Autumn has always been a good time to sell a house. While the number of buyers on the market is slightly less, those who tend to be highly motivated and serious about buying. If you are selling in autumn, the timing does need to be quite specific though, as few people want to move over Christmas.

Houses are bought and sold nearly every day of the year and it is certainly possible to sell a property in winter. A cosy room with an open fire can be very appealing. Be aware though, that buyer activity does reduce significantly before Christmas, so holding out until after the festive season can place a seller in a much stronger position.

While seasonal variations are fairly universal, there are many other contributing factors that can determine when it is the best time to sell ­ – and several are more important than the season. Be aware of what is happening in your local area. Trying to sell a house when there are major roadworks nearby or an influx of festival goers creating havoc with parking will be much more difficult.

Ultimately, the best time for selling is dictated by your needs. Not every seller has the luxury of waiting for a buoyant market or the best season to determine when a property is launched on the market. Not every buyer will wait for that time either. Choose a time that suits you and gives you time to focus on preparing your home for sale.

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