Christmas is coming and the proverbial goose is getting fat, but what does this mean for selling your property? Sam Funnell from Fine & Country Rugby considers the pros and cons of selling over Christmas.

The holiday season may have some feeling jolly, but it can also be a stressful time, with family get-togethers, decorations and Christmas cheer. So what does this mean for your property sale? There are both pros and cons to selling your property over the holidays, which are worth considering before you put your home on the market.

One of the obvious disadvantages of selling your property over the holidays is that this is a time when many people jet off to warmer climes. This could lead to fewer buyers being available to view your property. Another factor to consider is the impression that you give by selling over the holidays. Buyers may be slightly suspicious, wondering why you are keen to offload your property during this time, rather than spending time with family and friends.

Despite these potential downsides, there are also positive aspects to selling over Christmas. It may even be possible to get a better price during this time, if you use the right strategy. During the holidays, the number of houses for sale decreases. This reduces competition between sellers, conversely increasing competition among buyers. This in turn can lead to higher offers.

Another advantage is that buyers looking for properties at this time are generally serious about buying, and this can lead to a quick sale. Normal work schedules make viewing lots of properties a challenge. As workload and commitments slow down, motivated buyers have much more time to search through properties that appeal and get out to view them. Many buyers looking at this time are looking to start the New Year in a new property.

With less work and more merriment, people generally feeling happier and more relaxed over the holidays. When buyers are cheery, they’re in a better mood to negotiate and more likely to act. This can make the process easier on all parties.

Christmas is also a naturally festive and joyful time, despite falling at the colder time of year. This gives you a natural way to stage your home to match the holiday cheer. Classy Christmas decorations can lend appeal, although be sparing – don’t cross the line into clutter. It’s important to strike the balance between the Christmas spirit and a generously proportioned property.

Depending on where you live and how you decorate, a home can have unique appeal during the Christmas season. If your target market is families, you can dress your property so it lives and breathes the perfect family Christmas. Embrace the season and you’ll connect with others who love it.

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