Hi, I’m Sam from Fine & Country and welcome to my market update for April 2020.

Well, for one thing, I never thought I would be doing a market update from my home office. I hope everybody is staying at home and keeping safe and well.

You might also be thinking, well, what’s this chap doing talking about the property market? Well, in essence, it is quite an interesting point here, people have said to me has the market collapsed? Is it about to go massively pear shaped? Are our property prices about to drop? Well, the actual reality of it is, just at the moment, the property market is effectively closed, so it’s on ice.

Watch this video to find out more about the Rugby property market update …

We are currently dealing with a fair amount of virtual viewings alongside plenty of property enquiries, while people are home and online.
So I think the reality of this market is we’re likely to see what I feel is quite a lot of pent up interest which once the government relaxes some of its rules at the moment and
we’re able to effectively conduct proper viewings and of course, release all these properties that we’ve got sat waiting to go on the market then I suspect we’re going to get a really good month or six weeks of solid interest, much the same as we experienced in
January, where our viewing levels were just off the scale after the election and, of course, Brexit. So we’ve seen a huge amount challenges in our time in the property market and particularly in my 20 odd years in the business, I’ve seen various ups and downs.

What’s being very reassuring for Fine & Country Rugby is that our existing sales are going through. We don’t have any problems. We’ve got buyers who are still confident
that the house they’re going to buy will be the one they live in for quite some time
to come. It absolutely remains to be seen, we are not in any way forecasting what the market will do, but it does remain to be seen whether we will see any falls or even God forbid rises in this market. Everyone’s been talking it down but the reality is if there is a supply of purchasers that, in theory, are looking to upgrade, they have probably found that living at home during this tough time, they might need extra room. So, you know, that’s something else to give consideration to but the reality is the market is effectively closed, but we are conducting plenty of virtual viewings, and we had some wonderful experiences with some of our more elderly vendors who have experienced fantastic times showing houses to buyers. If you look at any Fine & Country property
on Rightmove or any of the existing portals at the moment that will be videos to look at and we will be consistently putting some content out there for people to enjoy on our social media channels as well.

If you’ve got any questions, queries or would like even a virtual valuation of your home,
there is also something we can conduct, so contact me on the details below and I would be delighted to chat to you. Thanks a lot and keep safe and stay home.