School’s back in session and suddenly you have more time on your hands, so now may be the perfect time for home renovations according to Sam Funnell from Fine & Country Rugby.

Time tends to disappear during the school holidays. The kids need entertaining or dropping from place to place and somehow house projects end up on hold. Now that the summer holidays have drawn to a close it’s the perfect time to pick up home renovation projects.

Without children under your feet the house may seem quiet, but you will soon start to notice the wear and tear that the house has seen over the summer holidays. 

Put aside some time to renovate your property in this autumn lull. Now is the time to do those short-term projects that have been lingering at the back of your mind, whether it’s a simple change of décor to freshen up your house or a larger project that you can focus on once you are settled into a school-run routine, like stripping out a bathroom suite, or designing a new kitchen. 

To deflect the dull days of the cooler months, you may want to inject some colour into your home space. This can be as simple as some brightly hued cushions and throws, or it may involve rethinking the layout of your rooms. Could your kitchen do with a splash of cheery yellow on the walls, or perhaps your sunroom needs a facelift?

Without children around during the day, this is also a good time to look at bedrooms. In the hours that they are busy in the classroom, you can be busy setting up their rooms to match the new academic year. A new desk may offer an incentive to study and new lamps may provide the light they need to read by.

Now that you have some down time, think about how you’d like to spend your days. A garden shed could be turned into a winter workshop or an under-utilised sunroom can be converted into a hobby room, which could be perfect if you already enjoy getting crafty or playing an instrument, but it could also be a great chance to try something new.

Whether you revel in the peace and quiet of those school hours or feel like you are rattling around in a recently vacated house, put your time to good use. Determine what you can do that will make the biggest impact, both for your enjoyment of the home and for the time when you are ready to sell.

Just remember to keep projects manageable. It won’t be long until Christmas is knocking on your door and festivities take over. You won’t want to be wrapped up in renovations as you wrap presents, and family gatherings are the perfect time for you to show off the new elements you have weaved into your home.

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