Altering your property requires a financial commitment and you need to make sure your decision will provide the most benefit. Sam Funnell from Fine & Country Rugby gives a few tips on what to consider when upgrading your home.

Whether you’re preparing your home for sale or making improvements for your family’s enjoyment, there is a range of outdoor upgrades that can add significantly to the value of your house. The current trend is for homeowners to spend more time entertaining family and friends at home, resulting in the increased popularity of customised outdoor living spaces. Both the front and back outside areas reflect how you spend your time outdoors and help potential buyers envision how they could enjoy the property. Remember that first impressions are important, even before a potential buyer steps inside, so paying attention to curb-side appeal is essential.

Each neighbourhood has a different price range to take this into consideration when deciding on any landscaping or upgrades – it is important to avoid over-capitalising. Simple additions, such as surrounding a seat with peaceful landscaping to provide a quiet reading spot, can be as effective, yet less expensive, than building an outdoor kitchen. Consider what will provide the most value to your family, even if you are preparing your property for sale, as a guide.

It is important to ensure anything you build is in keeping with the architectural style of the property. While a deck is generally the easiest way to create an instant outdoor entertainment area, a paved courtyard might be more appropriate for the style of the property. The trend is to blur outdoor and indoor living areas by creating a smooth transition between the two. Building a conservatory, porch or patio area will instantly achieve this, but equally effective in establishing cohesion is decorating with matching fabrics and furnishings.

Adding value may be as basic as tidying and sprucing up the exterior of your home. Make sure your lawn is healthy and neatly presented. Giving outdoor furniture a coat of paint to freshen or update it can work wonders. Take a step back and see if the front door could do with a fresh coat of paint or replacing.

It is also worth making sure any additions or landscaping you undertake are eco-friendly and sustainable. If you look to the future and invest in green technologies, you can start recouping your investment immediately. There is increasing awareness amongst home buyers of the importance of amenities such as solar panels and landscape lighting powered by solar energy. A drainage system that recaptures rainwater for use on the garden and using water wise low maintenance plants all add to the appeal.

Most importantly, do your research, and seek advice on which upgrades will add value to your home or your own daily life, before committing.

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